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髪の寄付 Hair donation

















At last I will be able donate my hair to Japanese charity this time!!


It started when my mother had cancer 10 years ago. She fought through very well and she is still enjoying her life in Japan.


I guess it must be one of the worst experiences to lose hair as a woman. When her hair started to fall during chemo, I helped her cut her remaining hair. I wanted to do something to help and thought that a wig might make her feel herself again, if only a little bit. I researched a lot about wigs and found out about professional wigs made of donated hair, nothing stopped me from deciding to contribute my hair for her wig. I had very long hair at that time. When it was about time to go forward she told me she decided not to have a wig. Her new chemo friends changed her.


 I remember that no words could cheer her up till then and she looked so week and fragile. She was strong woman and it was so painful to see her like that. She went through this chemo with new friends and she got her strength back. They made hats from towels and shared ideas on how to look good covering their heads.


I felt left out as I was ready to have my hair cut… It was good thing she didn’t need a wig any more but I still wanted to go through with what I had decided.


My hair went to a charity in America as Japanese charities didn’t accept coloured or permed hair. Since I moved to England I stopped colouring my hair so I thought I can grow my hair to donate to them. Silly me not to search things first!! After I cut my hair for the second donation I found there was a minimum length!!!! So I sent it to a charity in the UK. It’s been 3 years now and I have my hair ready to send to Japan this time!!


I know this is not the end. One of my friends died from cancer a few years ago and two are currently fighting for it. Cancer is quite close to our life and for those that get it the chances of survival are better than ever. However it is still hard to go through. I’m sure I’ll get it sometime in the future. Having this donation has kept reminding me what to expect and how to live with it. Life is short.  How can I live without losing my way?? It is important to remember what we have gone through and to appreciate to have my life here.


Lots of love to my mum Shigeyo, my dearest hubby Adam and my darling son Leo


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